Mitaka Battery 12v/150AH – 45kg



Battery Specifications

  • Battery Type: Lead Acid battery.
  • Sealed Dry Cell
  • Special Technology input: Nano Carbon Sillia
  • Warranty Duration: 10 Years

Net weight 43.5 kgs
Gross weight 44.0 kgs
Body Size: 498×183×282(mm)

Mitaka batteries have a patented Nano Carbon Silica blend that protects the internal cells from ‘sulfation’. Due to this our batteries do not lose their effectiveness over time in the same way normal batteries do. This leads to an ultra long battery life of 20+ years, and we back our batteries with a 10 year warranty.

– Low cost Lead-Acid battery structure
– Large and heavy: Suitable for fixed stationary use
– Stable at a wide range of temperatures and conditions
– No special maintenance required
– 2,000 Charges per Discharges
– Made of Lead and Sulfuric Acid (98% Recyclable)
– last up to 10 hours when fully charged without voltage loss.

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