Mitaka batteries have a patented Nano Carbon Silica blend that protects the internal cells from ‘sulfation’. Due to this our batteries do not lose their effectiveness over time in the same way normal batteries do. This leads to an ultra long battery life of 20+ years, and we back our batteries with a 10 year warranty.

Mitaka Batteries VS Lithium-Ion batteries

Mitaka Battery Technology

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology


Low cost Lead-Acid battery structure

Complicated structure and expensive materials. 3-5 times the cost of Lead-Acid batteries


Large and heavy: Suitable for fixed stationary use

Small and light weight: Suitable for portable devices


Stable at a wide range of temperatures and conditions

Unstable, and may have a risk of igniting

Ancillary Equipment

No special maint. required

Requires battery mgt system

Charges & Discharges

2,000 Charges per Discharges

1,200 - 2,000 Charges per Discharges

Environment Impact

Made of Lead and Sulfuric Acid (98% Recyclable)

Contains radioactive substances (Lithium Copper Oxide)

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