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Mitaka Trade Africa is a Japanese/Nigerian partnership with a focus on using ultra long-life battery technology to build energy solutions, to better infrastructure, and to improve lives.

Our goal is to provide the technology and equipment to the wide range of industries that rely on stable uninterrupted access to energy in order to help build a productive and self reliant African continent.

We use our patented ultra long-life battery technology to create solutions that far exceed currently available energy solutions in efficiency, longevity and cost effectiveness.
We believe in the untapped potential of the African continent and are focused on supporting its sustainable growth and development.

Harnesssing Science and Technology to create solutions

Corporate Background

Mitaka Trade Company Limited, an innovation-driven enterprise, is officially registered, specializing in cutting-edge energy storage solutions, robust battery production, sales, services, solar-energy installations, and expert energy advisory.

Originating in Japan, our leadership includes CEO Mr. Koji Kinoshita, Director Dr. Benedict Egboh, and Manager Dr. Aghedo Iyobosa Fleance.

Our operations are led by a proficient team of professional engineers, skilled employees, and group of managers, ensuring the seamless execution of production, sales, and installation activities.

Mitaka holds strategic partnerships worldwide, including the United States, China, Vietnam, and other nations. We engage in naval equipment, heavy-duty batteries, medical and pharmaceutical solutions, smart logistics, high-tech medical education research equipment, and rural-urban real estate solutions.

Currently, Mitaka Trade Company is in the process of finalizing exclusive distributorship agreements with Galenika in Serbia and Alkaloid Skopje in Macedonia. This initiative aims to integrate high-quality pharmaceutical products into the Nigerian market under the Mitaka Trade Company banner, with an anticipated completion by the first half of 2023.

Mitaka Trade is poised to ensure the widespread recognition and demand for these pharmaceutical products not only in Nigeria but also across other African nations.


Empowering households and businesses, our mission is to enhance productivity and well-being by resolving energy fluctuation challenges. Through scientifically-driven solutions and cutting-edge technology, we illuminate the world, ensuring optimal client satisfaction and a sustainable energy future.


To boost the productive capacity and wellbeing of households and businesses by solving energy fluctuation problems.


Our goal is to provide technology and equipment to a wide range of industries that depend on stable, uninterrupted access to energy. By doing so, we aim to contribute to building a productive and self-reliant African continent

Our Leadership Team

We have a team of intelligent proffessionals behind Mitaka Trade Africa

CEO Mr. Koji Kinoshita


Dr. Benedict Egboh

(Managing Director)

Dr. Aghedo Iyobosa Fleance

(General Manager)

Mr. Ifanyi Ezeorji

(Head Marketing)

Joy Igbonekwu

(Financial Controller)

Susan Amadi


Ali Isaac Ehi

(Head of Engineering)

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